WalkCast: Venus DeMarco | Fearless: My Journey That Healed Breast Cancer

Fearless: My Journey That Healed Breast Cancer by Venus DeMarco Venus DeMarco | Fearless: My Journey That Healed Breast Cancer
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Known for her zest for life, outgoing spirit, and incredibly inspiring story, Venus DeMarco beat all the odds on her journey to conquer cancer and redefine the role of cancer patient by becoming the champion of her own health.

A nine centimeter tumor lead to her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2009 along with advice from a cadre of specialists who suggested a courses of treatment that did not rest well with Venus. Trusting her gut instincts, Venus knew that there was a natural approach to beating cancer that did not include mastectomy or chemotherapy — or as she calls it, the traditional “cut, poison, and burn with a giant side dish of fear” course of therapy. Her book, “Fearless – My Journey That Healed Breast Cancer and My Life Through Faith, Food, and Fun” chronicles Venus’ journey to a cancer-free life and inspires others to find a path that makes sense to them.

“This journey didn’t just heal my body it changed me as a person in so many ways… best of all it has inspired so many other people to realize that a diagnosis of cancer is not a death sentence! I’m committed not only to helping people find their way through cancer but to being a Prevention Warrior!”

Today Venus is living a happy, healthy, and productive life complete with all the parts she came into the world with. She has made a life-long commitment to educating others on the benefits of alternative and complimentary therapies; she travels the US sharing her story and empowering others to take control of their own health. Venus gives people the encouragement to look for possibilities found along the road less traveled.

In keeping with her commitment to clean, healthy living, Venus recently released a compilation of her favorite recipes in her newest book, My Healing Kitchen. With her recent move to the Tampa Bay area, Venus has begun coaching people through cancer, appearing on television, providing great radio interviews and speaking before groups.

Venus is available to for interviews, cooking demonstrations, and speaking engagements.