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Be Financially Fit by Scott Tucker Walkcast: Scott Tucker | Be Financially Fit
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Scott Tucker is an author, thought leader, public speaker, and an expert coach for transitioning veterans with years of experience helping military and veterans plan financially for their future. He is the author of the upcoming ‘From Deployment to Dollars’, a book written to help military personnel transition into the civilian life with intention. Scott graduated from West Point in 2002 and has served at all levels of military organizations, from platoon leader to being on the staff of a major combatant command. After more than 11 years of living in Germany, both in the Army and after active duty service, Scott reestablished himself in San Diego. Scott’s time in Germany opened up a passion for travel and experiencing new things. From the glaciers of Iceland, motorcycling across Vietnam, running with bulls in Pamplona, to the World Cup in Brazil, he is always up for an adventure.