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Nourish and Bloom by Kandace Hudspeth Kandace Hudspeth | Nourish and Bloom
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Nourish + Bloom Founder Kandace Hudspeth spent many years as a digital marketing executive in New York City. Without enough sleep, fresh air, or exercise, Kandace began to feel that her successful career was getting in the way of her primary life goal: wellness. Over time, her feeling of “I need more in my life” grew exponentially.

As a long-time athlete and exercise enthusiast, Kandace has always leaned on the discipline and work ethic learned through fitness to build her career. She wanted a career that could allow her to inspire women to whole-heartedly pursue their best self in the gym and the office. So, Kandace moved to Boise, Idaho, where she could professionalize her passion.

As the founder of Nourish + Bloom, Kandace recognized the need for high-quality, all-natural wellness supplements for the busy, high-achieving woman. She also saw that many women were interested in a holistic lifestyle. For Kandace, true wellness is the foundation. She knows a healthy body, present mind, and full heart will break through all barriers and allow for success in calm, confident action.