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In Farrah’s Own Words…

“The real me in this virtual world- Coming from a past when as much as anyone suffered, especially a girl like me, had to learn how to live with name calling, ridicule, whispers behind my back, counseling and going to school everyday like a soldier in a battlefield… Decades have passed and I find myself still doing the same thing… only in this virtual world that’s owned by social media.

I was born raised and educated in NY and come from Czech background.. I was an only child and that in itself was quite rare in the 70’s but on top of that my parents were a little older when they had me so i was raised with old school mannerisms.  I honestly hate the term old school because to me that means that it’s something outdated… it’s not outdated at all.  If anything it’s something that I genuinely miss today.  My first haircut was at the age of 4…  I was learning how to swim and my hair was very long, thick and uncooperative.  I’d suffer after every swimming lesson with hair that turned into hay.  Instead of suggesting a swim cap to my parents the instructor said… just cut it off.   And the beginning of Farrah’s journey was born.  I never had long hair since.  Now reminding you I’m talking about the 70’s, early 80’s when you DID have to fit in.. its not like today when if you’re a certain way people not only have to honor it, but offer public apologies..  I was always the tallest in my class and on top of that with short hair and always dressed in boys clothes… In the beginning for no other reason than they just fit me better… but later in life, i realized it was a part of me and anything girly or anything that had to do with womens wear made me cringe.  I honestly didn’t even look like me wearing a dress… I looked like a boy that was forced into wearing one against his will and looked miserable.  My parents never forced me to wear girls clothes… they suggested it but those conversations never went well so instead of making me miserable, they just let it be.  I wanted the years in school to be fast forwarded and wake up one morning like it was all a bad dream.. then one day it was and all throughout those years of suffering I wished there was someone that i could look up to that was like me.  Someone that I saw around or even on TV that I could escape to and say, ‘she gets it… she’s just like me’… I never found her… So after years of drifting from one job to the next, not knowing how or even how to remotely begin to have a voice for all the girls that were living what i did.. I saw an ad in the newspaper of an acting agency that was searching for new faces and that they were having an open call…. So I attended… and my journey in acting began.  It still wasn’t good enough because I didnt fit the look… they didn’t know where to place me…. Then after several years, there was a casting call for a new female prison series…. which we all know today as Orange Is the New Black…  and my character was born… So here I am.”