Our Founder

“…Diana’s incredible accomplishments continue to be a source of inspiration.”

In 2015, things took a turn when Diana unfortunately suffered from a series of personal tragedies. However, during this time of hardship, an idea emerged that led her to create her brainchild company, now known as WalkMyMind—a company that delivers a holistic approach to wellness by connecting the dots of physical, mental, and emotional health.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

From farmer’s daughter to in-house counsel at a Fortune 100 company, Diana Liberto has led an extraordinarily successful life. Her law career started at Rutgers University School of Law where she earned her JD degree with honors. After graduation, Diana clerked for a federal judge and then joined a law firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania specializing in class actions. Her legal career has taken her from her rural beginnings near the Jersey Shore to working with great legal minds in skyscrapers from NY to LA and even overseas.


The WalkMyMind app engages the mind with “walkcasts,” audiobooks, and live guest speakers, which you listen to while you are up and moving. The app can be used on both a personal and professional level, driving happiness, health and engagement, and creating higher productivity. Diana is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of WalkMyMind, Inc., which is headquartered in Philadelphia,

Diana’s passion does not stop there. She also sits on the board of Institutional Financial Markets Inc., a publicly traded financial services company, as well as serving on the advisory board of J3Personica, a medical education selection and assessment start up. Diana’s incredible accomplishments continue to be a source of inspiration.